Thursday, November 17, 2011


as salam

just a very quick update because i'm sleepy already..SPM time..! of course just for fivers..muehehe..najiah is taking it this year..i think she is super ready for SPM..she even refusing to go back during raya haji recently so just she can study during that time..waaH sanggop sampai camtu sekali..siap nages2 xmo balik..ceh..if it was me..never say NO to hari raya haji..or even raya aidilfitri..tegar betol bidak sorang ni..ohh well you got my wish of your have prepared..just do your best to answer the questions..leave the rest to Allah :)

actually planned to write like the memories i had during this so-called big exams..hmmm maybe a little later in other post..because rite now i'm kinda sleepy due to the visit i had earlier today..did went to kl this visit i'm the who's dealing with the kl tower people regarding the activity during the visit aka ajk program..fuuhh this is not a very easy task..NOT i repeat with capital letters..had to be well informed with their activity and also ours..the activity need to be parallel with our objective of the visit although mainly (mostly actually;P) sebab nak jenjalan..hee;p okay that was just like "sambil menyelam minum air" sort of activity lah..hehe..tolong paham ye..hee

it went well i guess..everyone seems to be enjoying their time during the visit..especially our lecturer, en shani...hehe..he even dressed up a little bit like the old days of his time..hehe with the jeans-ware..hehe muda lah sir..hoho..but there's a bit of miss communication between kl tower and me (as i'm the inter-person) so towards the end we did not get to visit the TM museum..just the technical visit to the floor that only the maintenance guy can go..wee..we did also went to the outside-means at the outside of the tower that is on top of it0-where they place the chiller of the aircond..and the view was picturesque..!with the mist still in the air..with the height of KL tower..and did see the neighbouring tower like KLCC and it was like kt sebelah was fun..(>.<)

then went to the observatory deck..this is where you're going to be in if you're a regular visitors not like us the taking the technical visit package..hehe...mostly seeing the foreigners during the weekdays..hari rabu kan pegi not many visitors actually..then seeing the view from there..hey i like being on top of tall buildings..hehe..being in tall places and seeing the view is like wow to me..menarik!intersting! seeing the bigbig talltall buildings in small scale when you are in taller building or higher place..seeing things in minuscule seems to be the hobby of mine these day..haha..funfunfun!

then shortly after that went out to the culture village outside at the ground level..back to the ground zero again..hehe..then it was picture time! haha..snapping here and there..did record a video of the boys dancing the traditional dance (but they all nari invite the civil engineering students to dance the traditional dance..that is what you're going to get..hehehe:)) kelakar tgk depa nari..hohoho) BUT i miss-click the button..hoih! ter-click the power button instead of the shutter button..ohh well i just wasted the camera's battery recording it before when finally i didn't stop the recording but tros shut if off..hoih! so xdpt lah nk tgk semula rakaman dyorg tuu...seriously kelakar.hehe..sorg2 y naek tu kelakar..haha..oohhH sir shani pon menge-join jgk..hee..sir pon menari jgk..ohhH tu yang mahal tuu sbb tulah xdapat tgk rakaman tu..sbb rakaman sir shani nari sgt mahal..hehe..comel okehH!

then luch first wanted to someplace else to eat but after the hungry-ness had taking over most of us..decided just to eat around the area..makan lah kteorg kt tepi2 tu..AND the lunch was prepare by us..nasi by the boys..ayam by my house..and sayur by kondo kristal..hehe..suke2..!first time masak sendiri tuk activiti sebegini..pengalaman~hee:D btw the nasi was banyak..hehe..dyorg letak ikot byk dyorg mkn (budak laki y pack nasi)..mmg lah jenuh cik hannan nk abis the second last to finish (yes mange to finish..hehe) i tot i was the last one..rupe ny tggl nisa y last skali abis makan..hehe..di sini nak mintak maaf kut2 tgh makan tu ade rasa xcukup..sebab xpenah masak tuk reramai camtu..xreti nak budget2 garam kunyit kari chili sume..but not bad lah..haha tekan lif KL tower naek sendiri sorang2..hahaha:P rite after that went back to campus..:D

ok off..tata..already over the limit..did said quick before..but looked...this is not qick lah..haha..tata again~

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