Friday, October 23, 2009

Around the Corner

exam is just around the corner..really..

next week on 30th of Oct..BEL an english paper with comprehension n essay questions..
but the good thing is this sem we can bring along our english-english it a good thing?? just bring it..

next up is the CTU n tech in Islam..i think this sem's syllabus for ctu is the it discuss about sc n tech according tu Islamic views...very interesting..lots of thing to discuss during lecture..who says islam just only about spiritual's more than that.. in quran also there is more than 10% ayat that talk about the sc n tech..well the question will essay of course..mngarang je la keje..and it's on the 2nd of Nov..

really the next day on 3rd of Nov, is ECG..soil subject..the effect of the soil when certain loading is put onto with other factor like its porosity..the suitability of the soil for any construction on it..bla..bla..quite lots of formulae to memorize with its derivation..little facts here n there..

i still having the MAT subject this sem..n it's on the 5th of Nov..lots of calculations..kate math..hehe..the second half of this subject interest me more than the first half..

and the toughest subject for this sem goes to ECS...on the 8th of first, it was on the 1st of Nov...luckily they changed the timetable..if not i'll faint on that day..huhuu..quite tough..actually mdm said that i do lots or CARELESS MISTAKES..well that like my middle name careless..haiya~..the calculations is interrelated from one qustn to another..
soo if do mistake in this eqn..then the rest of it will be disastrous..hope no CARELESS mistakes i'll the during the exam..

finally the not-soo-easy-to-program-subject CSC on the last day..13th of Nov..uuu~..what to code here..hahaha..this is a programming those who can't really "program" to like this's gonna be tough..
we hv to do the coding n also run it during the exam..compile it ourself..hehe..of course if i'm compiling it myself, there will be no error or warning it-the program-can run...but, when the lecturer is marking it, suddenly lots of error...reds here n ther...hadui...!!!T_T..

so that is about all the subs that i will sit for the exam next week..hope to do the very best for this semester's final exam after all that have been through this semester..hope all the T_T throughout this semester won't be in vain..
so GOOD LUCK to me, you n to whoever is having exam, test, or anything that test your your best..!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

new stuff

hehehe..hri ni dpt blaja bnde bru..mlalui inet..best2..
ni lihat la hasil nye..hehehe...learnt how to do signature at end of each blog post....


Saturday, October 10, 2009

coming back...

hahahaha...what a post(previous post)...

well raye still on besok rmh mama wat open house..n again x dpt nk join lgi..raye lepas my mom wat open house pon x dpt nk pegi..taun ni pon melepas..bak kte doo"tu la spe suro blaja jauh2.." mmg trkene la ayat tu..tepat skali..huhuuu
grenti open house to x semeriah slalu ble geng x cukup...sgt rse kureng..

taun ni mkn ape la ye??haish..jeles btol x ley nk join..tu la gatal nk blaja nun jauh ke utara tanah air...nk balek mmg xdpt la..ngn test n assign y blambak gle..mmg gile...waaa..

next week plak open house rmh suli y bru je suli pindah..alaaaa...xdpt mrse mkn kt rmh bru..

actually sy mmg ske sgt pegi family pnye gathering camni trutame ble ade mkn2 ni sume..mmg best..
bley jumpe ngn all the cuzns..and parents(ala ammar)..hehehe..sume ble da jumpe mesti nk catch up crita2 bru..ade je bende y nk dcer kn..sgt syiok ble bjumpe sume org..pastu mknan nye pon sgt best2 blaka..y x best nye ble lps tu..aka aktivti cuci pinggan magkuk..huhu..mmg ske ngelak...hahhaa pemalas btol aku ni..

next gomelan hati: abg nye konvo poon x dpt pegi..huuhuhu..xde la gmbr ngn dye y brbju konvo tuu..ssh kot nk dpt dy pki bju tuu..bunyi pon mcm grand sbb wat kt ape tah name tmpt tu y kt kl tu..ape2 la kn..

yg penting nye pnye susah nk tgu dy konvo alih2 x dpt attend konvo day dy...huhuhuhu wish kamo dr cini je la ye..congrtas to you for finally being a graduate..hope your thought grows wiser..hehehe tppi stu je..ble nk keje ni??ow ye..awk kn tlong jge rmh kn smentra k.lina blek..hehehe..trjage kah rmh tu??hehehe..hoprfully pasni buleh dpt cri kejo ye..gud luck with ye big bro..):P..

and of course good luck to all who's having exam this year-gee, alin, epi, faris n ing ye..tuk dri snri jgk y da dekat sgt2 nk final nie..chaiyok2!!!

need to move faster or else...

indeed i need to move faster and work extra harder..
after raye break i really2 BREAK...and almost shattered..still in the healing process..
somehow that seems not be working so well becoz things juz get crazier each week..juz felt coudln't take it anymore..

juz need to re-organize or is it too late to get things sort out..Allah please help me angd guide to the right path...lots of challange needed to be faced and not to turn away from it..juz wish if i have the strenght to coop up with all of these...

there is enough sheds of tears...juz have to move faster ahead of time..but that always become a factor and can't be ahead of it...hopeless..T_T..

"never waits till the last minute" or second in my case...learn it the hard way though..but am i learning from it or juz let it passes through me like the wind it the blows too subtle to be felt or am i too numb to feel it or is becoz i had 'fall' as the wind blows...

the blows is getting very nasty each time..its the matter of falling or become one with the wind and move faster as it blows...moves with the wind and moves with the flow...but did't have the courage to follow it..afraid if being blown to the desserted place...

make wise decision n action...n act and decide time too lose anymore...not enough time..juz not enough...and still not enough...isk..isk..isk..