Saturday, May 18, 2013



a weee bit of pressure relief for me..alhamdulillah did manage to finish it up for submissn to madam..she'll check it up..and i think there will be changes..huu..nervous for that..

and now focus goes to the slides..i tot wanna start doing it today..but somehow didn't due to several editing here and there..touch ups for the proposal itself..erm to think of if i wont be actually 100% finish if it is still in my packing for trip..won't finish packing unless I'm on the car..if not there will be addition to the packs..huahau~

slides will focus in doing it in day got daurah to attend..semoga ini yang terbaik..hopefully gonna get it done by  monday so that can do "show and check" to madam..

talk about daurah..rindu berdaurah..miss akhowats..akhowats ni mcm special being to me..hehe..juga comel..juga sweet..hehe..seriously they are special, comel and sweet (see sampai guna koma "," dlm ayat) hehe..special sebab whenever they talk/act it actually really the thing that is right at the actual time and moment..macam tau2 jee..juga selalu cakap benda2 yang mmg "aaahh best ahhh" nak dengar :D kadang tertampar juga dengan kata mereka..but you know what they's not about what you's about how you say it..and they say it right :) *sayangsangat*
kisah2 comel toksah cakap lah..hihi..memang comel..hihi :D *sayanglagi*
they are sweet also..hee..kadang2 mcm nak kne tooth carries je sebab "tergula" dengan mereka..hee..they are like a sister i never had..hehe..tersentuh jiwa rasa..hihi =D *lagilahsayangnye*

sahabat baik ialah sahabat yang sentiasa mengingatkan kita kepada Allah..pandang dia pun dah rasa izzah dgn Nya..huaa~ *sayangakhowatsfillah*



Thursday, May 16, 2013


assalam to readers~

phuuu~ *aksi tiup habuk*uhuk3*

last time was so last aite..been busy with the FYP 1..and now i menyelinap cursor tuk ke page ini..still not done yet..but its least progress is there..and tomorrow is the DUE date..ngaahahaa..oh did i mention we need also to do the turnit in thingy-which i find it quite menyusahkan..heh..grrr~ but its been stipulated need to do so..*grr

ohh org boleh jadi macam membatu mnyiapkan FYP 1 ni..dlm rumah masing2 duk hadap laptop..mulut terkunci..kut ade la ckp sikit2 tnye psl itu ini about FYP ni..its like eat-drink-bathe-sleep-FYP..seriously..sungguh lah tak buat dah bende lain klu dan mnghadap laptop buat FYP ni..guguguguu 

its like penat.lapar.nagntok.penat.lapar.ngantok.

so that all from the seat that i haven't get up from since 3pm tadi..huu..good luck diri!