Thursday, May 16, 2013


assalam to readers~

phuuu~ *aksi tiup habuk*uhuk3*

last time was so last aite..been busy with the FYP 1..and now i menyelinap cursor tuk ke page ini..still not done yet..but its least progress is there..and tomorrow is the DUE date..ngaahahaa..oh did i mention we need also to do the turnit in thingy-which i find it quite menyusahkan..heh..grrr~ but its been stipulated need to do so..*grr

ohh org boleh jadi macam membatu mnyiapkan FYP 1 ni..dlm rumah masing2 duk hadap laptop..mulut terkunci..kut ade la ckp sikit2 tnye psl itu ini about FYP ni..its like eat-drink-bathe-sleep-FYP..seriously..sungguh lah tak buat dah bende lain klu dan mnghadap laptop buat FYP ni..guguguguu 

its like penat.lapar.nagntok.penat.lapar.ngantok.

so that all from the seat that i haven't get up from since 3pm tadi..huu..good luck diri!


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