Saturday, April 23, 2016

Words cuts deeper than the knife


Wow! Its been ages since I've been writing here. Last time I posted a "rant" was in 2013 - midst of finishing my FYP I presumed. Ages ago. Suddenly missing writing here out of the blue. Lately I've said to myself to go "visit" here and maybe put up a post after long gone. I think that time that I had stopped writing here was around the same time that I had made the instagram account. kuikuikui.

It took over I guess. And people like me started to post in lesser words and the main focus is the picture. I think nowdays the pressure of posting stuff in the social network is higher. In blogging picture is optional and good quality photo won't hurt. However, the main focus is the content of the post itself and the grammar - there is an English Teacher in each of us agree..? Haha. Contrary to the latter, Instagram had new level of "perfect post". Not only that you need to worry about the caption of the photo but the outcome of the photo itself - that's being the main focus. People are already changing the way photo been taken these days. There are no phone gallery without at least a selfie of yourself. Agree? Even if you're not the type of person that every single day taken selfies at about any possible angle, there should be at least one photo of selfie that you took.
The post in the instagram would also have at least one photo of selfie, even if its partial facial exposure. Admit it, you kinda like it. Haha.

Wait..! What was my point again. 🤔
Hmm...never mind..
Still haven't recalled it. 😅

Well to end this "rompong" post. Be original like the original KFC Recipe. Rasa kat mana-mana sama saja. Haha. Have your own signature posting style. Not posing style. But then again in Insta posing style is highly marked and merited. Just post something decent lah. It's a photo. Which is so easily exploited by others.

Its easy to poison people nowdays. Orang sekarang malas membaca. Kekadang tu terus cari gambar untuk konklusikan sesuatu. It says picture worth a thousand words aren't it 😏
But words (read: false accusations) cut deeper than the knife.

Be smart with what you posted. Once click consider permanent.

 ps: This is out of the spur post. It may not be any other post after this or it could be. We'll see. 👋🏻