Sunday, February 27, 2011


as salam

*warning*potentially emotionally involved..
we all have problem or's just how we deal with it..sometimes it can be just a simple problem seen by others..but to us its it such a a problem that we can't's sometimes we felt that our problem is so big and more important..but then when we look at other people around may say that: "oh mine was just a small problem that really is not such a big deal..after all there are still people having much more big problem in their lives.." its just the way you see the problem..

seeing people with much bigger problem makes me say this: "eley masalah aku ni ciput je..pon nk laen cool je walau masalah lgi besa..." dushh..! mmg diri ni sgt lemah..but hey like my cousin said: its not "oh Allah i have problem" but shall be "oh problem i have Allah..never mind" should be that...

the world doesn't revolve around you oke...!even if you stop the world won't stop spinning...just suck it up..there are far more more MORE serious matter compared to yours...get up will dear self..!

keep yourself together will don't have all your life just for yourself ok! others depend on you..if not depend on you at least hoping for you to get better..or even someone looking up to keep it together..losing yourself is not an option..quit playing around..start looking around for answer or for yourself if you did lost them somewhere..just bersemagat lah ye..

don't take it to the done're the one who got problems..don't take it to your oldman..they did what's best they think for you..if not as it..proof with it..that's the only with it!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

singapore trip:)

as salam..

setelah seminggu balik bru la brkesempatan nk tulis pasla trip y sy telah pegi minggu lepas..pegi ke singapura..weee:D

di-promote by my friend utk pegi..good thing pegi..dpt la experience ke tmpt org...with every journey there is new things that i can get..pegi dgn my fellow classmates plus org2 laen jgk..tpi mostly from my classmates...made the journey a lot  more fun experienced...its like taking a quick-short vacation in the middle of study session...leaving all assignments..pack up n go..a back-packing trip..tido pon dlm bas..jimat but sakit bdn..hehe..mandi pon kt rn'r...

so how's singapore..? it was clean..neat..buildings- a LOT of high rise buildings..people of various homeland-visitors like us..and singaporeans...
first smpi pegi tgh bandar singapura..sgt byk bgunan besa2..y tinggi2..trdongak2 nk tgk...dan design buidings very stunning..unique..picturesque indeed..well layout..trsusun...but not so much greeneries..singapore lacks of land though..itu sbb bgunan nye tinggi..sbbxde tanah nk spread spread high up...

at first we hopped out to Merlion park..merlion-mermaid plus lion..mercu tanda singapura..backdrop dy lawa..shows the city of singapura accross the the mid of city that is...picture taking time:P ~

Merlion park here I am

with tyra

the rest of us and still more

the view

another sky high building

then off to Orchard road..used to be an orchard..but as an act of modernisation..turn into one of sophisticated location to with lots of money in can pretty shop there..but of course i can't afford to shop at such just walking there..taking pictures...nice buildings there..

@ Orchard road

walking outside the mall

ape kte bwt ni tikah..?:P

next pit stop is the china town...okey this is my turf..haha..di sini lah duit ku telah di habiskn membeli buah tgn..byk ye duit abis..haha..kongsi bakul ngn nisa..ok! bakul kteog mmg xde org bleh kalah kn..plig menimbun..ahaha..yela..byk nk bli tuk org laen...last2 ny aku ngn nisa xde bli tuk diri sniri...hukhukhuk..ape lah...haiih~

jap..setakat y pegi ni..bleh nmpk perbezaan..yakni..dkt area bandar2 tu mmg susa nk jumpa singaporeans..been told by our tour guide that they spent more under ground..ade mcm undergroud train y they can commute from pace to kt bndar tu je lah..dan klu ade org pon mostly will be tourist..dan org2 nye pon range umo from 16-30..youngster..
tpi when went to china town..very vice verse...bru lah nmpk org2 singapura...ow ade org rupenye negara ni..hehe..:P tpi mostly will be the elderlies...very different from one side to the side you got young sophisticated group..on the other side you got the elderlies..humm...*wondering*

after china town went to the choc shop..but of course did not buy no money..just took a see of the singapore's choc...then went to masjid street..mostly the malays can be found here..and here i found the malays of different country..hehe..mcm ape je prasaan nye-in a good way..hehe..noticed that their malay language is a bit different..very way of they pronounce the words...still bleh phm lah...tgh2 kt toilet nk amek wuduk..nmpk stu fam ni..a mom and three kids-girls..baek je...umo maybe y eldest tu dlm  10thn n y youngest dlm 5-6thn...comel tgk dyorg amek wuduk nk solat..hehe..kbetulan nk masok waktu zohor tyme tu...kecik2 cmtu da pndai..bagos!
kt sini jgk we all bwt aktiviti bebas sebelum brtolak ke tmpt seterus ny..after solat nisa ngn aku gi la jln2 sekitar jln kt masjid tu...ade muzium..ade mcm tmn kecik..we all take a rest to eat..xmkn kt kedai..mkn bekal roti y duit la kte kn...tgh2 mkn tu ade group of artists came by..they were looking around to find suitable angle to start their drawing..its fun watching them a sneak peek of their drawing..they drawn the buildings around the arab street..the buildings there are much less tall..just shop lot building..bgunan lama y preserved..situ byk bgunan kedai makanan..layout dy mmg lawa la nk buat lukisan..

tetibe tgh2 keadaan tu ade enche ni dtg nk mnyaman kete...aku dan nisa mcm pelik je tgk..siap tngkap2 gmbr kete y brsalah...ape sebab salah xbpe sure..maybe sbb xdisplay kad letak parking kot..ntah lah..tpi nk ckp kt sini..enforcement of law in singapore strict..smpi takot nk buang sampah..even in the bin..ahaha..some of rules been told by our tour giude that banned of chewing smoking under roofed area..and yada yada..if not fine fine and fine..!haaa..mmg x buat salah la kt sini..jdi org y sgt baek..hehe..

then went to bugis street..ok org sgt sgt sgt ramai kt sini..mcm kt jln tar kt KL..ramai umat manusia..mcm merentas selaut manusia..klu hilang mmg x balik malaysia lah..haha...pegi sini xbwt ape2 sgt selain dri tngkp gmbr..blaja tngka gmbr sket2 dri cik tyra...aku ngn nisa sgt excited dpt "main" ngn kamera mahal..ahaha..ble lah nk bli stu...haiih~ sgt cool ye tngkp pki camera ni...lawa je gmbr nye...waahh jeles..haha..

then we all naek bus brtolak ke sentosa island..the final pit stop...besa lah..xdan nk round sume..byk stesen..betol2 round pon kt beach station je..weh..!aku nisa n tikah anek LUGE...weeee:D sgt syok ok! otw naek tu naek pki ape-tah-nama-bnde-tu mcm nk naek bukit ble nk gi ski tu...dri ats tu nmpk sentosa from above..lawa..excited naek..sbb first time..ooO..mula2 tikah sgt xnk naek sbb xbrani..takot xley kawal lugu tu nnti ble nk turun..last2 pujuk pnye pujuk..naek jgk..dan mmg xrugi naek..hehe..naek 2 part was when went down the hill using luge..speedy ride with lots of breaks..haha..almost terbabas..alhamdulilah break makn...if not da brgolek sendirian la dri ats ke bwh smbil brluka lukaan...ahaha..itu masa 1st round..ooO mmg xserik..turun jgk for 2nd adrenalin driven..ahaha..ooO kbetulan naek tu tgh ujan..haha..kehujanan la dri ats tu..semtara tggu hujna benti..tetibe cm kenal je org kt blkg we all..lohh abe basyah ngn naaim..haha..dyorg pon naek turun la ngn mrk..haha..first round xkre..sume mcm xbiase je lgi dgn track...second round still x menang jgk..xpe lah..demi keselamatan..haha..tpi y penting kalah kn basyah..haha..!tikah dinobat kn sbgai pemandu luge paling sopan dan cermat..hehe..:D *peace*

finally went to the song of the sea show also at sentosa island..night n interesting..bwk ammar sure dy a kids show..but we are young at harm watching the part where the fireworks starts to fire here and there..laser shooting was also great n beautiful...tringt dlu pegi show princesses on ice..hehe..kinda same kind of show..haha....after that went back to malaysia..weh i miss malaysia ok..haha...hujan emas di negeri org tpi lebey baik hujan panas di negeri sniri...ehh cmtu ke pepatah tu..huuu...lalalala(--_--")

ok lah..jap..hee..actually suppose to be in penang rite now..but somehow change of dates of i'm HOME now..thehehee..:D next week insyaAllah will be going to penang for site visit trip..hope things go as planned..trip to singapore actually da mcm site visit trip daa sbb byk tgk bgunan jgk..propose la kt Dr. bwt trip ke singapore la next time..hehe..

ok tata wsalam..:)
*balik nk jumpe ummi abah dan sume y brada di rmh..tgk2 abah ade kursus n bru blik hri ni-tdi..ummi pulak ade "mommy-day-out" brsama para aunties..hihihii..tetibe rse mc keadaan sepatot nye reverse...hahaha..pegi OU pulak tuh...haiih~ xpe lah..enjoy la ye..:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


as salam

trgerak nk menulis..
tpi susa..
nk tulis smbil thn ape y nk tulis..baek x yah tulis..laen tmpt maybe

iman happy bufday...promised to write u sumping for this is it..
hey si budak y lagi tinggi dri of not so many people in my fam y actually lintas dri segi heights..trcabar okeh! x ok!:P
by 3cm taller huh..skg xtaw la da bpe latest height dy..tpi last ukur just by 3cm je...3cm is sumping then..haha..fine~:P 

ok back to business...dy anak ke-5 dlm tujuh..lucky 5..lucky kah..??hmmmm...ntah la..tuah ayam nmpk kt kaki..tuah iman tgk kt tinggi dy kot..aha..OK tema hri ni tinggi..:P she was born a bit different from rest of us..wea?? sbb dy byk ikot belah abah pnye features..most of us follow belah ummi..cth plig ketara tang mata..we all-aku kureng sket yee:P-sepet2 sket...ala mata cina jepoon koreaaa....dy sorg je mata nk aci luas..abit bulat tak ketara...pastu tinggi melebihi aku..tu mmg laa aku xley trima..:P pastu berat tyme lahir nk pulak paling berat knn...kmu berat :P y laen2 xde y tr-beza ke ape..normal je..hehehe

ooO dlu kini dan ntah smpi ble....suke brgaduh ngn najiah...ooO mrk sgt suka brkelahi..bising sgguh..dan semestinye dy la y nanges..:P tpi skg da beso xde la nk nanges..cume jeritan y bingit dikeluarkn...najiah cm xde effect nanges2 sgt ni ble gaduh except klu abg y gaduh ngn dy...aah..bru nk prasan...haha...
ooO iman mmg byk perangai kecik2 dlu...ok dy manje n ngade2..combo skali gus..akibat di-spoilt oleh makcik sumariyah dy jdi sgt ngade2 n manje..sgt suke nanges....nyampah jgk dlu dy tyme kecik2..xley nk kene kn sket..mesti nk bising..senyap je xleh ke...skali sekala kne mmg patot lah knn..adat mnjadi adek..wahaha...-ayat kakak y kejam lgi suka membuli adek2 nye..wahaha:P

tpi last2 dy la jgk y rapat ngn najiah...huu..adek2 ku..haiih..gado2 last2 brbaek n jdi teman seprmainan dua org tu jgk...or maybe sbb kakak2 dy xnk layan dy trpaksa la brbaek ngn najiah..nk baek ngn solehah mcm maseh kecik..tpi solehah maseh boley masok geng mereka...suke maen barbie sesama...maen patung2 kertas y last2 trputus kepala..ahaha...skg minat pon nk sama..minat koreans~:P teamin..aahhh..xkuasa~

ooO tpi dlm ke-nanges-an dy ni..dy lasak jgk..she likes sports..she plays sports..she had played the netball-no wonder with that height..lompat tinggi..lari sket2..skg aktif blik sporst tuk kumpul points...err i remembered not doing any of those in my past years..thehee..:P only girl in family y actually taking part in sport days..haha..anak perempuan ummi n abah y laen xreti sports sgt..well at least me lah..:P

dy jgk masok acara cedera diri sendiri smpi patah riuk..hahahaha...adehhh(--.--) suke tg gymnast buat ala twirling on toe..dy buat dgn perasaan boley la buat mcm gymnast...alih2 trduduk diam tetibe kt blkg laen duk tgk tv...xlayan la dy buat bnde alah tuu...tau2 da nanges(lagiii) sorg2 kt blkg...tgk2..ibu jari kaki dy da brdarah nk patah...adoii..!condition nye terok..xnak describe kt sini..kang ade y xsngup nk bce..y penting ibu jari tu patah..masok besi...brbalut dlm jangka masa y agak lama...sian tpi tu la..maen pelik2 da kene...tu la maen tu bringt ok! kan da patah2...kte pon trok pon luka jatuh lari..tu je..sbb maen xreti nk cedera kn dri sendiri...cume reti jatuh je..ahaadushh! apakah?! (-_0)

akan tetapi...setelah suka nanges waktu kecik dlu..dy seorg y mcm xde perasaan kdg2...haha..kdg2..ble da blurr mmg xley nk nolong..x dpek nk tolong..tolong gelak kn je lah...haha...pon suke tido awal mcm kak..dannn klu suh dy bce buku sekolahh...xyah lahh...mmg xsmpi sehelai..mata dy da merah2 nk nanges nak tido...hehehe...ape la..

ooO bdk ini jgk hantu nasi lemak..ade geng...kdg2 beli xcukup nasi lemak pagi2..sje je..tpi top up with roti canai..mmg rebut la nk mkn dgn dy...sibuk je..minat la nasik laen pulak...ish..xpe2 ade geng..hehe..

wehh...mkn nasik lemak byk2..ble mkn tu ingt la sy pulak..pntun 2 kerat..hehe:D
ok..wish you well in your years to a good gurl okeh..good gurl..:P err..kurnag kn blurr awk tuu...haha..tolong2 la ummi kt rmh tuu..awk da beso siap tinggi dri sy...pandai2 le tolong ummi kt dapur yek..tolong ummi capai pinggan mgkuk y kt top shelf tuu...brkhidmat ikot of luck in ur coming exam PMR...strike ok..!love u much:)

wsalam :)
**trcuci..good:) make a room for more room:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


as salam..

aha..kini brwajah baru...xde sbb y solid lgi jitu tuka templete..tetibe nk mnukar kn ia..maka brtukar la...
actully da trlanjur tuka mnukar ni...tetibe mcm nk gi bce blik sgale post y penah di post knn...tpi xbis bce sema lgi...skip2 y mane xbest..ehh ade ke y xbest..wahaha..pergh-rah-san:P ~:G

ble bce smula it sort of refresh all the memories that brought me writing it here..or there:P some were more of a reminder..reading it back just give me the "ring a bell" inside my head....ade y mmg nk nasihat kt diri mmg kene lah...some y tulis tu mmg nk suh jdi in one of  "lipatan sejarah hidupku" waah gitu:P hence act as a warning whenever requires...sometimes writing in this or other as an escape route..or whenever needed to enter the panic room...its good actually...but this varies from one person's blog...for me it did acts as i hope it would...sometimes...
yup..whenever need to throw my thought or feelings or share memories or whatsoever my me-mine-myself did it job as it should...another site to let it out..part of it...well it's not all i throw it 80% of it je...another 10% keep it to myself..the other 10% only i now where is it...ngeh3~

ooO setelah mbaca sumula post2 mempunyai mslah bhs y agk membimbang kn para guru2 BM di sekolah seluruh malaysia...ahaha..:P seriously..!!:P tgk je y skg ni..betapa byk ny bhs y (1) dipasar-mlm-mini-kn oleh ku...(2) rojak-buah-kn oleh ku jua...(3) typo-y-honestly-done by myself...komp xde mslh kekunci ke ape..keyboard sume bleh tekan dgn setekan2 ny...ahahaha...trok sgguh...kdg2 xprasan-tang typo je...huuu....pdn la BM ku tidak 'A' tyme SPM dahulu...waaahh...huu..cikgu BM sy pasti sedey melihat blog ni..huu..(--.--") tpi tu la..xreti2 nk betol kn..n xreti2 utk benti at least mrojakn bhs...
penah cube nk BM pasar je...tpi MESTI...MESTI nk rojak jgk..kot ckp pon cmtu knn...huu..well my thoughts are sometimes in english dan kdg2 dlm with me loh...:D

smbil bce2 post trdahulu...trgelak sensorg...asking myself.."did i posted this".."did i wrote this such.."
.."seriously..?!!".."ooO penah yek cmni n cmtu".."Ooo y ni la hri tu dlu tu..".."adakah..?!!" dan sebagai nye y seerti dgn nye...hahahaha..seriously kdg2 x igt ape y dah di this is one of the reason why i write in this...ooO i tend to forget things...huhuuu..capacity memory card sgt ciput...hwaa..(T_T) so ni la external hard disk nye...weee:D ehh i bought new one..kak bli kn..wee:D it had been installed n used still have more space..agagagaa..:D

there more to tell but this is all i can share for now...

ooO ni medium y baek nk mnyampikn pesan...maseh perlu memesan pd dri di smping brpesan2...:)
" ...mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar..." (al asr 103:3) 

okei out..:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

travelling days rainy days~

as salam to all :)

just got back from days of tavelling..happy and like to travel..but tiring as well..hehe..adat la tu..but it was fun..

cameron H
1st trip off to cameron highland..right on saturday we-my fam n i minus abg n kak-hit the road..we went there through the simpang pulai route..naek gi perak sket then masok cameron H..sje tuka route..biase naek ikot tapah..suddenly ummi n abah decide to change wind (ubah angin-ape tah dlm english..hehe) stayed there for only one night..oO nk lame lgi..hehe..actually just stopping by je nih..tpi still it was fun n chilly as well..SEJUK OKEH..! dah la meme sejuk...ofcos sbb "highland" tpi siap hujan-ala hujan gerimis aci lebat x lebat jgk la..still sejuk nye sgt2 la brtambah...konon lemak dibdn sgt tebal (sgt la "sgt") taknak pki sweater..huu xtahan..smpi ny kt CH dlm 3ptg cmtu..rehat2 dlm bilik..ok bilik nye besau ye..besau nau..hehe...2 tgkt.."trkezut mak" masok tgk bilik tu...xcited naek tngga bilik tu..ahaha..-mcm kt rmh xde tngga..siap lgi byk plak anak tngga ny dri kt bilik hotel tu...huu..
actually pegi CH skali ngn che rah n ayah yie n anis n konvoi brsama..hehe..reramai bru best..tpi dyorg smpi lmbt for that day mlm ny aktvt bebas..hehe..ceh mcm ade tentatif tetap je..we all pegi mkn mlm seperately sbb we all smpi awal n dah lapar cri la mkn kt kedai2 brdektn...hehe..funny thing happens..xpenah2 before ni order minuman panas..sbb sejuk sgt..sume pakat order air panas2..hehe..then mkn jagung panas...syok nye..:D didlm kesejukan CH ade jgk benda y memanaskn..hehe..warm inside~hence things are balance..

ok next day ummi plan ngn che rah nk gi mardi then kea farm..pegi mardi tgk2 tanaman y ade like strawberries flowers veggies-salad and others..n cactus..tpi sane xley bli..just for display je..oO kt sane strawberries ny masam2 gitu..but mkn ngn dadih to sweeten up the taste..hence again it balances each other..lame da xmkn strawberries..ehh actually dlu xde la suke sgt..tpi tah nape pegi hri tu mkn mcm da meme suka sgt je ngn strawberries tu...ahaha..taste brubah mngikut keadaan semasa..ahaha..dan kedaan maseh hujan renyai2..brjln dlm mardi tu smbil maen hujan..itu syok dan sejuk..ehehe:P
then we all off to kea farm..sane ummi n che rah nk cri sayur2an n buah2an-jagung n strawberries...pon maen hujan..but da xley nk tolerate ngn kesejukan..huu kate nk gi blaja tmpt y ade snow tpi ngn kesejukn CH pon xley pki la sweater akhir ny...da nk demam rse ny tyme tu..maybe sbb ujan y turun tu..byk betol ummi n che rah borong sayur hri tu..haha..naseb la muat masok bonet..haha..dan skali lgi mkn jagung bakar..:) n strawberries dipped in choc..yumm~:)

then hit the road to KB..

ok sgt seronok maen ujan dlm sejuk ny CH tuu..eventhou sejuk tetap nk pi tngkp gmbr jgk kt tmn dpn hotel..duk kt century pine..menurut ummi tmn tu penah we all pegi before ni waktu kecik2 x ingt! waktu kecik..tpi dlm gmbr2 waktu kecik meme ade la gmbr tngkp kt playground tu..brujan demi nk brgmbr..haha..sekali sekala merasai hujan y dicipta kn oleh NYA mmg menginkat kn kebesaran y maha esa...subhanallah~ unik ny hujan kt ats sane ngn hujan kt tmpt biase hujan ny hnye rintik2 ala renyai2 je...halus2 je..mcm x tr-rase lebat mist if we were to open the windows inside car...:D otw turun kabus sgt tebal..mmg kne brhati2 tyme nk turun sbb jarak penglihatan sgt pendek...alhamdulillah semua OK..:)

KB & temerloh
after CH next up was KB..pegi ikot lojing..sbb da kbtuln dekat ngn CH..sgt dekat..lalu sikit je da masok kelate..haha..mcm lucu  tpi close we are to the place..hehe...situ pon stilla ade jgk mcm duk tanam tanaman..ala CH jgk la...pemandgn ny mcm CH la..oO sbb da mcm ngatuk dan penat dan maka tido la sy dlm kete tu for the rest of the way thru lojing before masok gua musang...tau2 je masok GM trjaga..gara2 lapo..ahaha..terok betol hannan..ahaha:P (nagtok tido..da lapo bru trjaga:P )
gedebuk gedebak smpi...mlm dlm 8.30 cmtu...tetapi..huuu...ammar iman najiah n sol heppi la..sbb mereka ade geng mereka..saya tiada geng..huu..sepupus 1st class semua tiada yang pulang kecuali saya...saya keseorangan pada cuti kali ini...kak pon tiada menemani ku...huhuuu..tema balik rmh che ayoh kali ni.."saya sorang2 join grup y sudi trima saya..:P"-sgt kesian nye..ahaha..melankolik trlebey...:P haha..actually all rounders..sume pon join..join geng ammar-maen congkak ngn ammar n haziq..join grup nejiah n co. tgk cite kt tv..n xley blah..join grup ibu-ibu borak psl itu ini n kaen..tang kaen je bleh nk celah-da mcm mak-mak plak trase diri nih..ahaha..sian plak kt diri sniri..ahaha..dushh~

oO KB pon hujan jgk..-_-

dan hari rabu brtolak pulang pergi ke temerloh pula...pergi ke rumah tok pula...pon tiada sesiapa y pulang tyme kami smpi..hanya tok y mnyambut kedatanagn kami..kehkeh..melebey2..-_-" mlm tu tido kt lua-means ruang tamu..yess..!!hehe..sejuk2 pepagi sgt suka...amik wuduk tyme subuh tu sgt sejuk sbb air nye meme la lgi sejuk nk bndg ngn air pepagi kt rmh...tido pon aci mcm xnk bangun je..hee:D tok ngn ummi plak buat nasi lemak itu pagi...waah gud day~hehe..:D

then petang2 sket tetibe yong n kak intan smpi brsama anak nye faris...hehe:Dmereka pon bru turun dri CH cuti cuti cameron ke ape sume org..hehehe..:P oO si faris makin pandai ye skg...makin nakal..da boley jln ngn jaya nye..hehe..huu..tpi asyik nanges ngn kuat nye ble kak intan tiada...aii..geram sy tgk dy...haha...sikit lgi buleh ckp meme bising la..hihihii:P

temerloh juga mengalami hujan..-_-

dan akhir nye hari ni tdi dlm 9pm cmtu smpi ke rumah...selamat sume nye..oO diberi tahu oleh kak lina sini jgk hujan..tpi disebbkn kami tiada so xde la susa psl kaen jemuran di lua..bju x bnyk nk basuh..klu x meme keje kejar bju je la...hehe...O_o apakah senario y saya alami ini...?hujan sepanjang travelling...seriously..n dpt tahu dr ika n thru berita y johor banjir-ofcos sbb hujan...da fenomena 1malaysia hujan ke ape ni..??ape da kte buat kt bumi ni smpi jdi cmni..xpenah2 sebelum ni banjir dlm tengah2 taun cmni..klu ade pon sgt rare...biase nye kn banjir tyme ujung2 taun bln nov-dec...been there-done that..huuu...alert2..!!

sila bawa payung ble kuar rmh...hujan tetibe kuyup pulak kamu-kamu sume...tpi sekali sekala maen hujan best jugak...da puas maen ujan di CH...sila alert..!!

harap sume selamat wherever you guys are..:)