Tuesday, September 11, 2012

let the game begin!


kita memang xsempurna..segala kesempurnaan tu adalah milik Allah..hanya Dia :)

latest update about my studies: currently part 6 (yeay panda!)

tapi sebelum boleh masok belajar sem ni..kami kene mendaftar dlu..secara Online~ which is like crumbsime for some of us..because the system is (sebab sekarang pon maseh ngeng jugak) weng! it accidentally register some of my friends with the wrong ID plan..including me as well :( we should have the common majoring...but instead we've been registered to the structure majoring..duhhH crumbsome!

well this just show to me that our system is nonetheless perfect as the system He created which is flawless!

sungguh tidak arif nye penciptaan kita ye..nak daftarkan orang je..seems simple but once the thing gone haywire most people will get affected..but they did their best to help us..the office people in HEA..improve please!

erkk motif nak tulis pasal masalah ni di sini..well~ tehee:D

anyways~ thats done..I've make peace with the haywire system this sem..may it wont go haywire next coming semeste!

as the new semester is already starting..I think its best to set my goal..done that- the setting where my goal..there can you see it?! situ lah..haha..here and there..lalala..
anywhere it might be...the goal is there..you just have to kick the ball..the game started already as the "wisel" is had already been blown by the "referee"..so we as the player must start kicking the ball..play it well or play it cool or play it like a fool..you determine that..you may take a rest if you must but do continue as you have enough strength..

ohh btw sgt cool kalau boleh bermain sgn hebat dengan gaya cool macho..aha erkkk!;P LOL~!

ohwell! nite2 dear readers if you are there :o au voir~ tata;)