Sunday, February 27, 2011


as salam

*warning*potentially emotionally involved..
we all have problem or's just how we deal with it..sometimes it can be just a simple problem seen by others..but to us its it such a a problem that we can't's sometimes we felt that our problem is so big and more important..but then when we look at other people around may say that: "oh mine was just a small problem that really is not such a big deal..after all there are still people having much more big problem in their lives.." its just the way you see the problem..

seeing people with much bigger problem makes me say this: "eley masalah aku ni ciput je..pon nk laen cool je walau masalah lgi besa..." dushh..! mmg diri ni sgt lemah..but hey like my cousin said: its not "oh Allah i have problem" but shall be "oh problem i have Allah..never mind" should be that...

the world doesn't revolve around you oke...!even if you stop the world won't stop spinning...just suck it up..there are far more more MORE serious matter compared to yours...get up will dear self..!

keep yourself together will don't have all your life just for yourself ok! others depend on you..if not depend on you at least hoping for you to get better..or even someone looking up to keep it together..losing yourself is not an option..quit playing around..start looking around for answer or for yourself if you did lost them somewhere..just bersemagat lah ye..

don't take it to the done're the one who got problems..don't take it to your oldman..they did what's best they think for you..if not as it..proof with it..that's the only with it!


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  1. hannan ya mannan! hmm..kita bknlah hdp di syurga skrg,memang masalah xkan lari dari kita. btl x?