Saturday, November 12, 2011

hope we are seeing each other again:')

as salam

p/s: sila mainkan video y atas untuk lebih effect ketika membaca post ini

oke today's post is going to be dedicated to my dearest friend ainaa syazani rosli who's going to fly to US tomorrow  (today da pon..already 12am meh) so here it goes..

dear ainaa,
hey girl..i tot of calling you actually today (yesterday) but i'm sure we are going to here not more than crying sound each of us..if not it'll be just me who'll be know how I cried before this..hehe..malu pulak(>.<) save it for tommorrow (today) at the airport je lah all the tears..

hey take care of yourself are going alone but you are not there in bumi orang US tu..may Allah bless you di bumi must be really glad/happy/super excited to be back in your birth happy there..enjoy your life..kutip banyak2 pengalaman kat sane..jgn lupa share cite ngn sy..da lame xdgr awk bercerita/ranting..haha..hey seriously gonna miss hearing them for real..already missed you:')
last but not the least..jangan lupa Allah dear:) He always with us..if you can find usrah kat sane better lah..keep on with it..
plus you have you camera capture lots of pictures and share them through FB if possible..hehe..

DO: eat a lot.laugh when ever you can.cry don't make it a habit.home is what you gonna miss the most and also the food so don't be too homesick.pray to Allah.make dua always. (T_T) be a strong girl d(^_^)b if things fall just remember how to get it back up again.make mak and bapak awk proud..hee :D

DON'T: do drug.drinking while driving..hee..kawen xbgi tahu.(>.~).skip class.cry too much(say it again).be sad.

so here i re-post the video that i made last year..erm just thing that can remind me of you..:') tapi y bawah tu..y atas tu just dedicated for you (T_T)

ok tata:)

**sayang awak kerana Allah:)

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