Saturday, November 19, 2011

just coming around

as salam..

as written above..just-almost finishing the browse thru the reading list and clicking a few interesting posts..ok simple words just finishing blog browsing..daa:P this is one of things that rarely can do right at this moment because i'm so preoccupied with other stuff right now..i kinda miss the movie watching time..any movies..because of the same reason..sokmo ckp nk tgk lah malam ni..but in the end i ended p doing something else..huah~sight~~

something is changing a bit here and good lah..changing is good once in a while..just make the right change move..and i'm here kinda stuck somewhere..huhu..need to be more motivated..the thing is i talk and tell to others this and that..but fail to follow what had been said..sadsad me..`:(

anyways~ yes we need to be driven..!what drive me here in SA-doing degree in civil engineering plus joining all sort of activity and attending meeting here and there plus joinig usrah-katibah-daurah and all that surround that...? why ?ever think about that readers..why you do the thing that you do right now...? it did popped in my mind not many days later..just suddenly-like in the tired mind and body of that day- i popped this question to myself..i'm not defying the fact or the takdir i'm doing this..just why..more like the reason...i'm soon to be an engineer (insyaAllah) so reasoning do take into account..but not everything need a reason..

do reflect back the reason of being "here"..hmmm..muhasabah diri semula..


okeh ni masok mood ranting kejap..sila lah baca kalu mahu..kalu tidak sila lah berlalu :)

this semester mark the day that i really don't like is thursday...because (reasoning again~) that day my schedule is packed from 8.30am to 5pm..not so much you might say but th e amount of stress always elevated that day.. ALWAYS i repeat again..ntah lah..asal hari tu je nak terbanjir..don't know why..vulnerable betul hari always started with a lot of laugh and ended with sadness..tu lah kot sebab nya..ummi cakap ketawa sangat2 nanti menangis..memang kene lah...harap2 lah boleh control emosi ini yang sangat if you readers out there that knows me sila jangan terasa bila saya bermuka masam pada hari thursday..or it more like a tearsday then thursday..heh~ donG ``(--.--")
ohh~ writing in here just ease things a bit..hee..

ok..tata (>.~)
**everybody wants to say something..then who's listening then..?! be a good listener people!

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