Sunday, March 7, 2010


assalamualikum wbt...

rse nye ah lame sgr2 x mg'update' blog y satu je pon stu2 blog y sy ade..haaih....ape nk tulis sbnar nye x dirngka ngn bgitu baik..juz maen tulis je nih..maaf klu entri ni cam tngkap muat je..

so ape y dh sy wt slame ni ye..??hmmm..stil mcm biase..xde y brubah sgt..well just finished all the tests on the last friday..the last one is the "best" one-if u know what i meant...don't know la...i think i got t he problem of imagining the drawng....huhuhuhu...what's done is done..moving on now..

well there was good new from home...whenever there's bad new, there's alway the good news right(positive thought)...i was told by ummi that she passed the PTK5 n got really great grade n plus beating all the guys of t=her collegues...happy for her so much...ummi bole pass exam with flying colour how can't I not be like her(injecting positive thought)...alhamdulillah...hehee the part y paling trsentuh ialah when she said that "berkat doa anak2"...huhuuu..sgt trharu..ummi doakn anakmu y sornag ini..smoga brjaya dunia dan akhirat...ameen..

as for today, i just finished an event-movie premier that was planned like a month ago..alhamdulillah it went well although not many participated but the effort was not wasted..there's some glitch-if I would say-about the notice..but let that teach my team n I to be more prepared next time...however there was feeling that was playing inside me during the event held...a very happy and very plaesing feeling like I want to do the event again n won't feel regret doing it...well there is next week to repay an undo all the mistakes done..hope the next movie premier will be even better with better n more crowds...thaks for all my team members for helping and work so hard in making it happend..i know u all work hard enough to make it work...thanks u i know that u all can do any event next time around when i'm not with you all...leaving with ease...heheee..

I did wrote about leaving right..well if there is no problem-xde aral melintang-mybe akn continue my study at uitm shah alam..hehe bunyi nye cam nk pi tmpt jauh je..padahal kt sini2 je..hahhaa..mybe agk exaggerate cket..hehee..well yeah i'm soon leaving uitm pnang..T_T..leaving all my friends and my best friend...huhuhuuu..sgt sedey..thought that i still hv about another semster ni pnang...but it turns out the otherwise...hope the change of wind is for the better..insyaAllah..smoga Allah prmudahkn segalanya...ameen..

smoga semua brjalan lancar ameen...(:->)...


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