Friday, March 12, 2010

one year old


sedar x sedar rupe2 nye blog ni da setaun aku buat...btul2 x sngka...kirenye klu baby ni bru2 nk blaja jalan la...tetibe je hari ni nk check n customized blog n tertengok kt profile blogging since march 2009..then tgk kt my first post is on 12 March 2009(12/3/09)..mmg sgt2 kebetulan on this day..hehehee..umo da setahun jagung..

i will keep writing and thanks to all who had follow my blog either publicly or anonymously..give comments if you like or dislike so that I can improve my writing...sometimes writing is calming me from's expressing my xde la trbuku je dlm hati..

well will write soon n more to come from me...

btw tarikh mule blogging tu sgt cantik..combination of my feveret numbers and almost same as my birth date..what a coincidence...hahahaha(12/3/09)


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