Wednesday, January 30, 2013

setahun lalu..tahun kini


lets flash the last last year i meant to the last year in tahun hijrah..biase tahun masihi kan..jom tuka angin sekejap..

p/s: mmg lambat sikit lah masa nya..sbb actually regarding maulidur rasul..huu

as I checked back the calender and also my previous falls back to the time I went to hiking..according to masihi calender it was due to next month if consider it last year..but if its according to hijr was right after 12 rabiulawal me and my friend went hiking to why I bring this up eh?

actually to reflect different things are in a year..I think I'm not the same person as a year before..who knows me are you agree?

i felt different..i acted different..i think differently..i meant maybe i have grown up a lil bit..just little the way I think sort of a bit different..hmm..
well as you grow older you should also think differently..its called maturing with age..true some people said that age is just a number..sometimes people didn't change at all..that is a problem maybe..heh..mungkin~

but we should mature through time..or through experience..setuju?

let that be your pause and ponder moment..

now back to the date of 12 rabiul awal..well its none other speacial occasion of our beloved prophet muhammad SAW..
it didn't hit me as hard as this year about the important of keeping his sunnah alive..a year ago and years before I was like other people..most people kot..just celebrating it with the usual berarak, selawat and stuffs..and mmg so common lah kalau kat malaysia tuk anak2 sekolah berarak satu kampung sambil berselawat..yep itu suatu suasana yang sy penah tempuhi..every tahun hijrah dtg..dtg tarikh ini..akan sambut mcm tidak lah salah langsung..sebab berselawat ke ats Baginda rasulullah amat2 digalakkan..sila teruskan berselawat:)

but then..there is no meaning to me ok..from my prospective..dri pandangan sorg budak daif ini..mcm..its that all I can do for him after so much he did for us..dlm hadith y sohih (xingt riwayat ny) on the day of resurrection (hari kita dihidupkan smula lepas mati) the first thing Rasulullah thought of is his ummat..ingat tak ustaz penah cerita yang masa Rasulullah nak wafat tu pon perkara terakhir dia sebut2 ialah umati umati umati (umatku umatku umatku)

dan siapa ummat Rasulullah? KITA lah..!

cinta nya Baginda pada kita..subhanallah..!

tapi kita cinta ke Rasulullah mcm itu?atau lebih?

so ape je lagi yang boleh kita buat tuk Rasulullah selain berselawat ke atasnya..?
hidupkan lah sunnah2 Rasulullah..dan ketahuilah sunnah nya yang terbesar itu adalah menyampaikan Islam keseluruh alam..

erkk..berat tu..even gunung pon bila Allah nak bagi tanggungjawab ini dia xberani..kita pulak?how are we?how are our iman?

something interesting happend to me this day of maulidur rasul..maybe some penah undergo such situations..that is interviewing the public..

and our task (during daurah) to do interview about maulidur rasul to public..and i was very excited (although tak tunjuk dengan action tapi dlm hati ekseted nak buat interbiu ni..ehehee) so i thought how was their (people's reaction) reaction..sure they knew him..we came up with a question: what character of Rasulullah that you like? something like that..and to none-muslim we asked the same..but before we asked do they knew who is Rasulullah..

and i was actually quite surprised that some know Rasulullah well and that is the none-muslim who said the beautiful character of Rasulullah..amaze!
and also shocked that so-called muslim didn't know much..some even refuse to answer..kami bersangka baik to that person maybe shy..hmm..
the reaction was really and eye opener to trigger something inside me..huh~

as for all the reactions we recorded..and make a short video of all interviews done..yang mention kat atas tu about my group..other group also got some shocking reactions..
as i recall..the question was what if Rasulullah is here with you right now..? and that person answer was: I won't get day off (kalau rasulullah ade sy xdpt lah cuti hari ni) and when i heard it first time I was like seriuosly! no day off?! seriously!! errkkk~

mungkin reaksi aku tu teruk..huu..

terdetik lah saat tu..kerje kita masih banyak lagi..banyak lagi..jalan ini masih panjang..

so to that lets reflect ourselves much love is our love to Him Almighty?
do check up on your heart..

mari menjadi hamba~

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