Thursday, January 10, 2013

long time not see!


as per title above..been busy and doing stuffs..and yes I wasn't inspired to write actually! hoh!

i would like to start my post with a quote:
the longer of you know someone, it really doesn't determine how well you know that person
yes it sure does..! it hit me and my fellow friends recently..series of unfortunate event occur..
I really don't know that person after all..

"who are you?"

forget about it..moving on..

well kak is going to be married soon..insyaAllah this coming february..and yes "the house" is busy preparing everything..debu berterbangan dan saya rasa nk bersin je sebabkan debu-debu itu..
so excited..hehe..

actually I had a break afterthe exams of three papers before the last one on the 20th..jarak jauh ooO..menunggu dengan sabar dan belajar..harapnya..huhuu..

finally i just wanna say that..when we said we don't care..its actually we care..a bit..wee bit..little bit..just a bit..and i hate it when its like that..

**sila belajar..sila ambil pelajaran!

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