Tuesday, October 30, 2012

time off!


ok its school break..opps i mean its mid sem break..hehe..and i actually dont like to have mid sem break..seriously..(iklan: pasg plug charger kat suis pastu xcucuk kt laptop..kan mnyala2 laptop punye battery..aha~)..smbg..seriously..sbb that is when all the work clutter byk2..and sometimes my work got haltered because it was not with me or it was with someone else who is balik kg..and so on..which means it-the holidays-disrupting my works..eceeh..badget rajen sgt aku ini..ahaha:P

but seriously it disrupted my work like the phone line sometimes did..haha

so i have this thingy work..tripping related work..and it needs you to work with everyone else..and yes..sometimes there is problem occur when you are working with other people..its either you who is not cooperating or someone else..only 2 probabilities..so pick you side..choose where you want to put yourself..choose where you want others to see you in..the one who works to make it work or just the one who just hoping the others to work..pick your side..its your choice..truly sea deeply your choice..

so if after this people likes to work with you dont be mad with them because you are a cooperative partner..or dont get all the surprised face when no one wanted to work with you because you sucks at teamwork and not cooperate well..dont get mad or surprised..because its how you address yourself to others..kind advice at least if you are not that cooperating dont be on the other people's way..

ohh i didnt mean this to anyone..this is like a wild bullet fired..i sometimes find myself being at the second choice that i choose myself..heh..and when it happens i felt so helpless and bad to others working with me..huu..i'll try better guys..

peace out :)

nite olls:D

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