Tuesday, June 14, 2011


as salam

as you all can see..i had changed my template..at first decided not to..because malas..need to make few changes here and there if change the template..but the template design is oso tempting..haha..so tuka jgk la..hehe..picked this one out of the top four favorites..but before this one tried the other one..but somehow didn't fit my widget..so changed into this one..and this is it..tadaaa..!!

then browse around my lists of followed blog that listed in here..there way below this..hehe..and came about to my aunty's blog..she did a new post that i haven't had a chance to read it..so click it..plus she has a way of writing..really liked her way of writing..hehe..

so its about her latest baby delivery..yup she just delivered another baby..alhamdulillah both are well of...both mommy and baby are well during the delivery..she op for elective ceaser because the baby position in transverse line..

tetibe trdetik dalam hati..huu..susa ny nk deliver a baby..being in the state of labor is somehow cemas..it can happen anytime..just waiting the right time for the baby to come out..nak menghadapi keadaan tu memang mendebar kan..need to be mentally and physically as well as spiritually prepared..if not mommy may loose it..respect to all mom..

ummi herself delivered seven of us..all delivered normally..harap2 masa ummi beranak kan han dlu tak susa..cuma rasanya bila da besar ni y banyak susa kan ummi..huuu..banyak songeh..huu..

menjadi seorg ibu sememang nya sangat mencabar..first you have the pregnancy period..then delivering period..next up the journey of motherhood..which will not stop until you stop..a job that will have no MCs..no punch-in or punch-out card..means all the time mommy..even for working or carrier lady..when you have a kid..you still a mother to that child at all time..then no off days..there is no day that is like I-don't-want-to-go-to-work-today-day...it's a constant never ending job..even when your daughter are married..when she delivered a baby..she still needs her mom to help her go through the confinement period...

besar nya jasa ibu...sayangilah ibu anda :)

to enda and along y baru sje deliver two lovely babies congrats from me..have a pleasant confinement period..although as been heard from ummi that confinement period is not so happy moment..hehe..she don't like confinement period..hehe..take care the babies..may the babies be a good baby that listen to her mother (^_^)

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