Saturday, May 7, 2011

mom's day

as salam...

hari ni tamat suda ketas menagement...hoping for the best :)
tomorrow is mother's day...

tdi bukak facebook...typed "ummi"-instead of her name- the result show so many people with the name of ummi...shocked!!hehe..nape byk sgt kawan aku brnama ummi..?br-pelik2 seorg diri..aloohh salah taip nama..daa..ngengg~! iye lah da pngil ummi mestilah" ummi"  takkn by nama pulak..!!

pokok nya sy hanya ade satu je ummi dalam dunia and only..not two not three or not even 10..only ONE...and i really love her so much *heart...

yup you can have many children as much as you want..wives if your spouse let you to..husbands if you re-marry..many aunts and uncles..lots of nieces and nephews..lots of cousins...but you can only have ONE mom and dad...i really love them both! yes i do..! you loss them even when they are still alive your are living with nothing...if there are already gone make doa for them..a lot of..applies even when they are still them..cherish them..whenever you still can..don't live with regrets for not being able to love them..

ummi selamat hari ibu..juga selamat hari ibu kepada ibu2 y membaca post ini dan ibu2 di luar sana..:) sanyangilah ibu anda sebelum terlambat :)

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