Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 years~

as salam..

10 tahun akan datang..insyaAllah klu masih di beri kesempatan nyawa utuk sampi ke sepuluh tahun lagi hayat ni..ape y akan sy buat yeh...??

hmmm..some say i'll be replacing my mum..meaning being an engineer or being a mum..hmmm..probably both..insyaAllah :D

hmmm..the same person also said that i might be like prof jun-my lecturer in uni..great one..somehow seeing a bit of my mum in prof jun..workwise that is..hehe..hmmm...hmmm...dunno~

and that very same person also said that i'll get married...hmmm..hmmm..hmmm...find me one lah then we can talk..haha..joking~ sure i want to get married some point later in my life...when will it be..hmmm...wallahualam~

but the later is way out of prospective of discussion..way way off topic..haha..ade ke~adey~(--.--")

actually this came about because abah asked me before..where should we settled down when he(abah) n ummi retired later in years..that is about likely be in 10 years time..hmmmm...means where do we(kami2 anak dy) want to in bangi or be backed in kuantan..hmmm...

for me..for this time being..being in bangi is ok..ok means xnak pindah..hehe..mungkin sbb da mula selesa dgn took about 6 years huh to finally said ok..haha..i tend to hold on the past much longer than i thought..haha..ape lah..maybe the condition of the house overall plays the role..are been renovated last year..makin suka dgn rumah di bangi...

plus mst of the sepupus are here..nearby the area..area around selangor/KL/nilai..its easier to see each other..get together or family gathering is awaited..hehe..with all the foods and the chit chatting..yep! sukeeeE~

its also near to school-uni...i can easily be backed i think being in selangor is is in the middle of the map..kak is in johor and i was a while ago in home is in the middle..made it more near to home..dannN sekarang dah kt shah alam lagiii lahhhh dekat nyeee~wee~

well back to the 10 years time to come..i'll be what..31 year old by then..i'm sure i'll be finishing my studies..have a married..maybe have a kid..hohoho(its funny thinking of the future like this..LOL)
haha..its ok either place actually...but its is good to be backed to where your're born and raised which is in kuantan..hmmm...but if ummi n abah wanted to stay here in bangi it's also ok..hmmm...
all in all it's fine either way..i hate making choices like this..phuuu...