Thursday, December 30, 2010

as salam..

ok new semester is drawing near..just days to go..need to move-in into new house-rental..haven't offically move the stuff although had put some stuffs there..

in the beginning there only five of us that conformed to be housemates for the next remaining studies period-3 years to come..then finally adding up more people..and now we are full of us..let's make this house a home..:)

have one prog on-hold..semester haven't started yet i've already had things to attend..but never mind..its not study related thingy..just thing that i enjoy joining every now and then..hope it won't get in way of my studies..if i can't make not because of it..its because i can't manage hannan get organised and fit :)

have a great semester..have a blast..maybe this is like a kick-start of new semester..hoping for the best..:)
i'm so so in positive mood right now..maybe because malaysia won the AFF suzuki cup against indonesia..good match to both..winning and losing is norm in game...

"winner never quits and quitter never wins"-current FB status..V(>_<)V

so may this semester be a great one..rising up..keep it positive..


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