Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Mood

tahun sudah baru...hehe..byk y berlaku tahun lepas..lets take a step back into last year..just for review..tahun lepas ade turun naek nye..mcm biase la..ini dri segi aku di uni..

tahun lepas da dpt habiskn 2 semster..
semester pertama tahn lps sgt mmberangsangkn...dan bole diktekn semester yang aku amat enjoy but at the same time quite successful..i enjoyed the hardwork that i did and it paid off just as much as i worked for it..that's the best time i had so far since entering the uni life..

semester kedua thn lepas quite diff..sume nye mcm a bit off cket..may be too over joyed..i'm off with my BB(best buddy)..not really synchronising well...bring lots of tears..until at some point felt that i'm done crying(mcm "cukup la..da byk sgt y trleleh")..its really testing me phsyically and especially emotionally...very tough..and my pointer is also a miss...move on now..

that was a quick step back..hehehe..cket2 suda..
okey this year will be a bit diffrent from last year..i've made up my mind to proceed with the degree course..despite all of my friends are not with me..huhuu..saye kseorgn ni..kwn2 sume nk stay buat dip...agak berbelah bagi mase nk buat kputusn nie..a very big "step" from me who never takes any "steps" before..sblm ni I just take a baby steps je..haha..sedey...cabaran baru as we grow older to make us wiser in future year...

azam y sebenar hanya dlm hati ku...tapi harap sume brjln lancar spnjng tahun nie..dan brharap yg trbaek untk tahun nie..n also hoping this year x akn mboros cos hehehe ade penaja setia ku jpa n pa'ma..hehehee..tapi mukin pa'ma akn mgurangkan pnajaan nye sbb ade jpa..hahaha...jgn boros ye hannan...pndai2 gne duit tuu ye..-->baek!!!!

pesanan trakhir:brjimat utk kesejahteraan y brpanjangn...n kwn2 sila jgn lupakn sye pasti akn rindu kamu sume...jom kite blaja brsungguh2...chaiyok~~!!!!<:-)



  1. i know it's hard to choose an option between two some points,u'll be hating ''making-decision''..i've been there n HATE IT ~_~

    but as time goes,u'll see there's "hikmah" behind all these..u might not see it in a short cud take a year or two or maybe even more than that..

    once u've make up ur mind,JUST GO FOR IT!no turning back..just try ur best sis!!

    don't worry..innallaha ma'ana~ ^_^

  2. huaaa~..huhuhu...
    tenkiu2..i really needed that..

    true, i just hv to GO FOR IT..n NO TURNING BACK NOW...just do my best wif all i've got..

    insyAllah mesti ada HIKMAH nye y x kte ketahui..

    thaks sis..(*^_<*)