Thursday, April 26, 2012

random rants


okeh maseh lagi bercuti di rumah..ntah preoccupied with what sampai lupa pasal all tests after this mid sem break..hadoi..padahal hari tu masa nak balik rumah berkobar2 duk bawak buku tuk baca masa cuti nya..haihaihai..tengok2 sangat lah "preoccupied" ye..sgt!--.--"

mujur lah ade sesi komen2 di facebook(sekema eja penuh2) dan tersebut pasal bende alah test ni...tenkiu kpd y memberitahu..!jasamu dikenang..(errk ingtkn tarokh test je pon..--.--")

okeh! clearly im not that clear this night..sengal2 ubi tinggi ok!(out of randoms#_# )

‎"Ainaa Syazani Rosli dear..u know what..i missed when you always says "Good Luck" to me whenever whenever..:)
so since didn't hear from you saying "Good Luck" I say it myself to others around me..reminds me of you..
so ainaa good luck beb!hehe:D"
 - from my FB

she always says that to me or whoever around her to encourage us..simple word but forgotten by makes things a little bit different each time hearing her saying it..makes it believable to accomplish and like a dua for me..those little things most said doesn't matter..but actually the smallest things makes the bigger things appear biggest..what a giant without an ant..every giant have ant in it.. GIANT..!


suke je melayan lagi ku milikMu by MZ..betul lah seperti lirik tu..sangat laen bila kita hidup dalam lembayung rahmat Allah..thank you Allah for guiding me to the path..don't let me astray :')

oke i think that sums up for today's ranting..see ya..tata:D

**costech xbaca lagi..huhui~lalala

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