Sunday, December 11, 2011

mariku tulis di sini sekejap

as salam..

ye seperti biasa lah..baru berpeluang nak update my blog..beloq y satu ni..hee..

penat lah study...diverging my thought for a while..just finished reading some articles..actually for the coming usrah..about "dunia islam" means berita terkini pasal hal-hal yang berlaku di luar sana mainly involving the ummat..hey penting tau tuk amek tahu pasal perkara ni sume ye..jgn duk tgk kat dalam malaysia-dlm malaysia lagi pening rasa nya..isu2 y ntah ape2 je..dunia islam kt luar sana lagi serius masalah dan perjuangan nya..itu medan mereka..medan jihad kat malaysia laen plak cerita nya..

anyways...kita kene amek tahu jgk ape2 yang berlaku kat luar sana..don't just study je..nati jadi pelajar yang belajar je..saya nak jadi pendakwah yang belajar..*tingggG

xde ape sgt nak di-update-kan di sini..melain kan y trip cancel..(ckp kat sini lagi selamat rasa nya..xde dr. nak komen..huuu..jgn gelak please!) penat2 je mereka2 buat gerak kerja sume..last2 terpaksa di-cancel-kan..sbb sebab2 yang xdapat nak elak..y tukang pikir ni pon da xtau nak pikir lagi time insyaAllah..insyaAllah.. ade hikmah xleh pegi ni..suh blaja..test berderetan sih..sila lah belajar hannan..kut nak pegi jgk..awk sibuk xdan nk laen pon sibuk..jgn kaco mereka..maaf korg ye..trip cancel..rugi jgk..but insyaAllah next time..trip ni xwajib pon..blaja tu lagi wajib..(ayat pujuk diri sendiri :\ )
but anyhow..thank you to those who had helped the wokrs until yesterday before i announced that it was guys helped a lot..backed me up when needed..seriously shocked up to that level you guys supported me although such action should have been guys are great friend..! glad having you guys as a friend..may Allah bless you all..good luck! (mcm ucapan ape je..)

sedey2 je..but ntah lah...through out this experience we can know who is a true friend..i gain a lot of experience i personally think that this trip tripped a lot..may be because i'm the head of the trip..i do tripped off a lot of times (if you know what i meant..haha) but seriously..sgt banyak nye dugaan..maybe a sign from Allah that its not gonna make it..but you hannan still keep going ignoring all the signs..such ignorant person..ish3..i've been in the "gerak kerja" trip for 2-3 places..and seriously this one really a messed up case...lots of may-be-s want to state here..but it just make me a person who gives a lot of excuse..
"what is flash flood got to do with them coming late to my class"-quoted dr.hisbany-jap tuka topic sat..seriously had nothing to do between two cases..seriously! sokong dr.hisbany but x sokong dy nak maen tolak2 marks org sesuke hati..tu je..*peace V(*_*)V hampir nak nanges nk reason y sebenar tu..seriously..!
where am i just now...yeah the trip-me giving lots of probably i won't take up that position again..probably not in this short period of time..not a good leader..find someone who can really lead next time..pasni nk pegang watak tepi2 je..hoho..

ok need to continue study now..lots need to little time lots and tonnes to do..!
on that note..i hate myself right now..dushH..!

**ummi abah najiah iman adek an ammar are all currently in penang..oh how i wish i'm there with them..penang..i miss penang all of sudden..missing the moments where i learn what need to be learn..

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