Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the her that i love

as salam..

oke been on the roller coaster mood since last week..but this week-to note yesterday and today-is worsening..hoihh~

i bought a gift then i rethink of giving it up since the value (not the price value but the sentimental value) is not really worth..the one that made me cried yesterday in the middle of the shopping mall was definitely the gift that i should give..but then i was too emotional last night so it impaired my judgement..i wished i was more sane last night..huu....tengok kan da menyesal.."that" value over the price value ok..! it beats everything..hukhukhuk..:'(

friends..we have at least a friend if not a lot of those who have just one friend go make more friends..hehe..but truth be told..each one of the friend is always different from one and another..will be different..because they are just a different person..and of course the feelings towards other friend compared to the other one is also different even if you are trying hard to say you like/love then the same always be slight more..

so i had a friend that really gets me..gets me the way that i never thought she'll gets me..but she came around and understands me..wah susa nak cari tau..she'll be leaving soon..i pretend not to be affected by this..try to dig deeper and buried it..but it resurface..well mostly because i really can't lie with myself..and i'm a person who's action speaks louder than the voice (mainly because i have a very low voice:P hehe) hence, it resurface..waaa..:'(

to her (ainaa)

dear ainaa,

sy knal ngn awk time kt penang..dulu kte penah satu sekolah kt jalan 3..tapi tu lah..kte lenlaen crowds..mmg jarang clash kut rasa nye..tapi muka awk tu biase ternampak jgk lah...tapi kte mmg xknal pon time tu..then awk masok seseri pulak kan..hee..pastu tuptup..jumpe kat penang..pon mcm blur2 jgk..muka mcm familiar je mula2 tengok..hehe..but then somehow we became friend instantly kot..duk pulak sebelah2..(ok sape y duk sebelah sy mmg akan jdi kawan lah sbb i don't mingle around sgt..hehe) slalu la kuar sesame ngn pakcik prebet (pakcik tu antr je..xfollow pon..kteorg ade prebet y feveret..ainaa suke kol pakcik ikot aje..) biase nye we all kuar mkn2 ke..dan shopping lah kot..daa..klu ngn ainaa mmg suke ber-shopping..dua2 pulak memang lah kaki shopping y agak tegar bila mood shopping tu da ade..hehe..tapi it was almost like this..mesti one of us y betol2 in the mood that day out..penah jugak both in the mood..haha..klu camtu lagi la seronok..hehe..

we also entered the same club for the extra-curricular act..dah pegi sesame kot..mmg lah..haha we all join IKRAM-ikatan kasih rumpun anak2 melayu yang betul2 sengsangat laen dari persatuan y penah aku join..more of family then a club itself..even skg pon still keep in touch with the alumni..hee..what a bond..:D
we grow even closer with that club..attended the mmetings..the PSKs..the kembara-s..hehe..and also activiti luaran anjuran sendiri2 oleh ahli ikram..hehe..mkn2 ubi-eratan..

masa dlm ikram tu jgk knal different people from various course and background..kenal ngn nabilah..dy ajak join usrah (secara lebey serius lagi..) ajak la ainaa join the same group..maka bermula lah~ :)
we both joined seriously-means try to attended every week despite the kesibukkan belajar..alhamdulillah it paid off..:) but still a lot to learn..miles to go..ainaa lets keep on with usrah ye:D yosh! skg aku da kt shah alam pon alhamdulillha maseh mnge-join usrah..ainaa y skg nga keje sambil tunggu masa je pon still attend usrah as kerap as we can..:D

so yes skg kteorg berada di lain2 kawasan dalam satu negeri..hehe..dy di bangi kt rumah..aku kat shah alam kt rumah sewa..hehe..still keep in touch..but soon we will be in different continent kot..she'll be flying to US soon in this november...she'll be missed..lots of memories lah with you girl..but there is one thing..we rarely take photos together..seriously sgt rare..masing2 xde camera..dlu masing2 pki camera cikai2 je..xlawa lah nk amek gambar..and we all suke jln2 2 org je..huhu..sgt xde gmbr bersama..klu time prog pon..masing2 sibuk ngn adek2 we all..dan jrg2 nk enterprem gmbr..gmbr i mahal nk enterprem je cmtu..haha

ok out dlu tetibe..soon will be more..

**missing my family at home..ammar keep asking me to come home..wee..budak ni sweet tau tak..ish..geram nk cubit pipi2 kuat2..hehe..


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