Friday, July 8, 2011


as salam..

tdi mlm actually baru je sudah bwt cupcakes...buat keje "baking" tengah sume gara2 najiah..short notice..jadi acara membuat kek kejutan pulak..haha..naseb baek ade pre-mix..huhu..yup just used that..spe suro ckp lambat2 lagi..xpe je sebenar ny..

so buat jgk la..dy nak bwk esok ny gi first i wanted to do the regular cake that had been done like before this..a cake..but somehow remembered that i had bought the cups for cupcake recipe but never got the chance to make one the cups were still in good condition so i decided to make cupcakes instead of cake..hehehe..change of recipe at the eleventh hour..haha..mujur jadi jugak..hehe..also palnned to make the frosting sbb cuppies i had two sets of the cups..tray-ed one set just to see did the mix is enough or not..and it was a perfect of those actually enough to accommodate the whole cake mix..i thought at first it may be too much for all the cuppies we i stand by the baking pan as well so that any leftover from that could be put in the baking pan..but it was just right..ooh plus one extra cup actually..hehe..but anyhow..the cuppies tured out very well..kak even said that it was better than the cake..means the mix as cuppies well baked...hmm...for me it just taste almost the same..hehe..but sure much more easier to be eaten in small looked scrumptious...and cute!haha..i'll take picture of that..

like i said before i wanted to do the frosting as well..but the ingredients were not enough...did tried though..haha..but it did turned out as planned..ohh well you can have it all the way you this is a short notice baking scene..hehe..we are lacked of the icing sugar..can't really do the frosting with out one..what happened was that i tried to compensate the icing sugar with the granulated sugar (sugar used daily to make air teh petang2 tu..hee) but we used it by "hancurkan" with machine that is as it looked like one..but it did not work..the texture is not closed to the frosting even after long minutes of mixing it..tangan ku lenguh da pegang mixer..haha..ummi pon cakap y xjadi kalu buat pakai gula biasa tu..huu..xpe la..xyah buat lah..try for it another time..

ooh well..the cuppies made my day..hehe..even without the still looked oso when i looked at it it appeared more of muffin haha..sebab it puffed..pon macam xsesuai je nak put the frosting..

kadang-kadang sesuatu yang kita tak rancang tu turns out more that we expected..some may turns out the way that didn't favour us..for tha just be "berlapang dada" and try next time..and as for the one that exceed our expectation in a way that favour us..bersyukur lah :D be what happend to me..didn't plan to bake but did so..and it turns out very well..but the frosting didn't work what..make it some other time laahH..nampak sebenar nya memang nak suro buat kek lagiii~hee:D

sekecil-kecil perkara kalau kita pandai melihat apa yang tersirat disebaliknya pasti akan menjadi perkara yang tidak sia2..look things beyond the minuscule..broaden your horizon even for the smallest little may be small and appeared unimportant but it make the big thing perfect..small thing does not mean it is unimportant..big thing does not it always the best thing..


** tengah2 baking tadi abang baru balik dari keje dy...ohh dy pon suke kek jgk..pon da lama mintak buat cupcake..pastu dy tego la tyme tgh buat kek tu..y tu ok lagii..pastu dy tanye "hannan awak suke buat kek ke..??" pastu aku dlm hati jawab "derrr" tapi y sebenar ckp "dah tu yang selama ni yang han buat kek banyak2 tu ape ke...." ~stress! hahaha buleh pulak dy tanye cmtu lagii..hadoii abangkuu~ hahaha sabo jela~

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