Friday, March 18, 2011

swing swing~

as salam alaik~

ooO hari ni mood mcm swing swing..maen buai2 pulak...kejap ok kejap mcm ntah la...ape lah...layan je lah...
pastu pulak tdi tetibe ade org ajak balik rumah..wuuu..mmg la dah blik mngu lepas..but then ble org ajak tu mmg la a bit hesitated..duhh..rmh knnn...lastly decieded to not go back home..but ofcos being me there was regret somehow..did asked ummi but then ummi asked me back knape nk balik rmh selalu..huuu...--.--" tros ckp xpe lah xjdi blik..phuuu~

oke on top everything been happening...this is my 100th post~!!alahamdulillah cecah jgk angka ini..yeah!!mcm la achievement ape je..haha..FiNE..hee..:D
so what sooo diff about this blog of mine..?? tell me what you find different about -Me-MiNe-MySeLF- but mostly I talked about my days in and out-sometimes..talked means wrote..sometimes about my close ones like a tribute of featuring post..other times when i'm away or went on trip i tell about it..and bunch of other stuff that i felt like spilling it over here...

i noticed that the follower numbers are slowly increasing one by one...frankly i don't like too many follower..why..?sbb sy xrase ape y sy tulis ni sooo good that org laen nk bace or even follow my blog.. but those y follow don't stop follow la h all are most welcome to read my pieces..:) just jgn serik lah ye enjoy reading them :) and drop comments if you wanted so..sila jgn serik ye bace blogku ini..hehe..:D

ok just did run through of my previous post..way way previous post like the first post..hey didn't do any introductory post pon..haha that is just me..just happens..haha...byk bnde dlm hidup aku ni mmg tema "just happens" haha...just go with the flow..ok post dlu segan nk bce..haha..ade kerr..:P (mcm y skg ni sgt bagos:P)

but most post y posted really like to write about people around me..the tribute of featuring of...hee...because it how i know them..from inside...dan semasa tulis entri2 ni sume y pelbagai tema my emotion also the one when parting ways from my fellow friends in penang..seriously! y happy emotion po sem mmg adelah aksi2 tresak2 depan laptop..or aksi2 trsengeh2 dpn laptop..ooO kalu laptop ni ade akal mmg la dy paling memahami perasaan aku sbb perasaan sume diluahkn depan laptop ni kebanyakan nye...tpi tempat mengadu y utama maseh kpd y maha esa :) DIA lagi memehami ape y ade dlm isi hati ini :)

insyaAllah will continue my writing in here..tpi stu je..klu internet tenat mgg la susa nk get through in here and write...ok i'm off..

** ummi kol tdi ammar pon ade tnye jgk ble la aku nk balik..sbb...sbb nk maen laptop..haiihh..ammar ni kann mmg la..haha..budak sorg ni..geram betol sy..hehe:P

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  1. Syukran... dapat gak bertahan sampi 100 eh..(",)