Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kisah 11/1/11

as salam..

cantek btol tarikh nie..hehehee...sgt lawa..satu satu satu satu satu...

tdi time kelas..structure...hahahaa..kne lagii...mmg da kne mark ni..hihihii..:D

ow kali dulu..kne tnye soklan secara tetibe..tpi xde kaitn ngn pelajrn..psl nk shift jadual kelas..ohh time tu kne point secara tetibe.."sentap ati mak nak" trkezeut~smbil blurr ayam mnjwab prsoalan y diajukan....hehee

then tdi skali lgi.."sentap ati mak nak"..again~this time got called in front for no reason that i can really compute before been told to being so obedient students (:P) just do as up to front of class-of cos with kilos of blurriness in my mind-and been told to stand on chair..and i was like WHAT and WHY..and inside of me said SERIOUSLY DO I have TO DO ALL that..SERIOUSLY..!! and me (again being obedient) just do it..duh~ then been asked to "show off" my shoes..i was like have i wore the wrong shoes or did i wore it left right..or is it my shoes is kotor that need to be shown to all the class..or the shoes is not allowed to be worn in the class..??!! seriously those thought did crossed my mind..but shoes was like the kasut contoh...heh..should i feel proud about it or should i be proud of being in front of class ON chair..or should i be glad that i did not do anything wronged..or should i be happy with all these...well..i wish i was not on that chair at that very moment...hua~org ckp muka ku cool n selamba je time ats kerusi tuu...well because you can't see the thought inside my mind..those all i had wrote are like part of my thought..sgt la cuak!! "sentap ati mak nak"

turun je dri kerusi n pegi duduk smula kt tmpt ku..tros mcm mengeletar kejap..ok for sometimes..ahaha..seriously..shaking..:P

so much of blending in with the crowd of wearing tudung hitam today...huu~

moral of the story: you had been marked..let it be..pandai2 la bwk diri dlm kelas..beware you are been scan top bottom by dean..and you (ME) are lucky got picked out..ahaha..:P


**patut letak gmbr "kasut contoh" tu..ehehee:D tpi kamera xde..haha..

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