Monday, October 11, 2010

"a piece from me" to ainaa


yesterday was amazing i guest for best buddy, ainaa..well she's 20 yo now..that good news..happy birthday dear..!!may all this year be another year that brings you lots of joy and happiness..;P and of course may Allah bless you..another one year of maturity..another year closer to Allah..

so what is she like huh..?i didn't remember whether i have posted anything of her here..tpi klu dah pon xpe's free mah..hehe..coming back to the question..well she is my best buddy who's always have my back..come hell or high water she'll be there to laugh smile shop with or getting her pay..:P to tell cry with..what more can i ask for a friend like her..

so for not being with her for the surprised of her birthday..i thought-actually idea asraf dan dibantu oleh sensei awe..thanx guys..lets make her a a piece of me for her...but seriously it is just so simple..time limit though..but manage to finished it..the most difficult part was the uploading to youtube..haha..maka kluar la istilah 'tenet tenat'..'aiyoo kuasa infinity' dan sbagai nye..hahaa..naseb x naek jet pejuang je ke penang antr video ni..really made my day yesterday..;-)

so i present to you who haven't watched it n want to watch..enjoy it..the simple yet truly from deep inside me....

but then it once again failed to be uploaded watched it in youtube or at my fb..'tenet tenat'..fuuuhh~

ow to azie who's also my fren who's happens to share the same day for birth with ainaa..happy birthday girl..sweet 20..when are we going to meet up ehh..?like 3 years now..she's my best friend back in jalan 3...sweet talker..kind and laugh a lot as well..haha..miss you la..

so to ainaa and azie once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!happy sweet 20s...korang da beso da..keke:P

ok that's for now..wsalam..

**kwn ku rmai pulak y birth date nye on this october..haihh...(~,~)

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